Tuesday, April 28, 2009


biker to be....
sorry guys...no new route...same old one..so better not upload then....so enjoy the pic of my daugther heheheheh

Sunday, April 26, 2009


lots of money spend....
lots of pain...
lots of sweat...
lots of "leteran"..
but, the satisfactions.....IT'S PRICELESS.........

Butterworth Outer Ring Road - race day!!!

Just a lepas gian ride...cannot race..due to short of breath hahahaha

Route : BORR
Riders : Burger, Hj Din, Hadis and Fizi
Distance : 18km

reaching the Sg Perai Bridge...like Penang Bridge maa..

The race begin...Hj speed off.....go ahead after 2 light pole i'll chase you heheheheheh

....it's enough...no more la...kayuh pelan2 dah la weyy...pancit dah...

anyway there's an improvement..we manage to maintain 27-30km/h app for the 1st 10km....

Monday, April 20, 2009


hehe...to be continue..

Sunday, April 19, 2009


just attaching an email i've received :

From: Rozaimi bin Idris
Sent: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 10:33 AM
To: Abdullah Samion bin Hussain; Rashidi bin Abu Bakar; Roslan bin Samot; Md Ashraf bin Md Tahir
Cc: Noor Aniza bt. Anuar; Nik Md Hatim bin Nik Abd Hadi

Sekadar kongsi bersama rakan²...

Tanggal 5 April 2009 Ahad jam 2.30 petang seorang rakan saya dalam perjalanan reramai mengayuh beskal ketika balik dari Tupah, beliau terasa sedikit kepenatan, lantas memberitahu rakan² lain utk berhenti sekejab di satu bas stop dikawasan Padang Temusu Sg Petani.

Tiba² beliau mengalami sesak nafas dan terus menarik nafas terakhir disitu juga. Padahal sepanjang perjalanan sebelum itu beliau sungguh riang dan aktif.

Nama Allahyarham : Zahari bin Majurat
Umur : 38 tahunTelah disemadikan di tanah perkuburan Tlk Air Tawar jam 9.00 malam.
Laporan dari pihak Spital tiada penyakit kronik.
Polis mengesahkan : mati mengejut.

Al-Fatihah utk beliau.



*Ajal maut di tangan ALLAH S.W.T semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nite Cruise - Voyage to Hameed's Soup

Alhamdulillah....finally we made it

A 26.81km ride being completed tonight....with only 3 members (Burger, Hj Din and Hadis)...Pak Kot couldn't make it ( failed to put his son to sleep early...but i guess he did not got the "permit approval")...alla kot "malam esok masih adaaa" hahahahaha

It started on 9.30pm..we gathered at BORR-RnR...also got so many riders tonight. No fimiliar faces, just that ORBEA guy whom we met at ah yong's...so after few minutes of warming up session and "borak²" we off at 10pm...

sorry guys..i'm late. Nevermind i'll pay your ferry fares+a bottle of 100plus each hahaha

getting ready

off we go....

my dream came true...

1st time ever naik ferry guna beskal...

uikss kenapa aku dah tk boroi???hahahaha

reach at Gurney Drive app: 11pm......

there's a street fire perfomance

Take a long rest at Gurney....lots of people passing by.."cuci mata" for a while...heheheheh

suddenly "Slurpy Sundee" call us hehehe...arghhh Brain Freezeeee....

at midnight we're off to our main "OBJEcTIVE"....

Chicken Soup

Sup Ekoq - now u see it

Sup Ekoq - now u don't

12.30am..we rush to jetty..don't wanna miss 1.00am departure or else we must wait for another hour. Few people creating some scene that time...angry with departure schedule or drunk i guest....Stupid, it said 1am so WAIT LaaAAaa

on top of a fly over near NBCT...

then some "rempit" action...we race to RnR...won by Scott70 max:48km/h heheheheh..just short sprint ma...

finally it's comes to an end...we arrived at BORR -RnR on 1.30am..rest for a while then pack up and leave with a very memoriable voyage!!!!!

total distance = 26.80km

Starring : HJ DIN, HADIS and BURGER
~RnR-Gurney-Sup Hameed-Pdg Kota-RnR~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bukit 3M.........

By : Suparman

After finish from conquering the "Tiger Hill", our spirit didn't stop here, we decided to conquered another hill called "Bukit 3M". App. around 8km only, but it's challenge our stamina and "feel our adrenaline" like our motto "lah". Team members (Burger,Pakdan,Pak Kotd,Uncle sam,Ejal,Man & pak Abu-marshall), start from lab survey PTSB, late around 6pm, because Pak Abu want to repair his "rantai beskal".

upside view at Sg. Ulaq

Pak Kot try to overlap others...

ride on a collapsed bridge

Pak Dan shows the "Bukit 3M" (it's only 3km) , "I will conquer you, here I come"

Pak Kot is the 1st person arrived at 2 1/2km on "Bukit 3M

Pak Dan is the 3rd person arrived after me. Always with his posing style even he look tired (cover). Pak Din..?? just behind coz he got a concrete reason (broken saddle,will claim to our club treasury kui.kui..)

One of oil palm tree was collapsed...don't take any risk, so "nyorong"

Finally... we arrived at the top of Bukit 3M, get ready for downhill, don't take any picture, "coz dangerous maa.."

After downhill, Pak Din shows his face with some dirt and also his rim

i'm too sexy...

We meet "orang kaya of PTSB" Mr. Badrul at his workshop in Sg. Ular. He is very kind person and offer some bike cleaning services, ...."RAFIEE...KASI CUCI SEMUA...JGN TARUK SODA NO"

rafie "the bangladesh guy" in action

queueing...... Pak Kot need to pay RM because he need extra service for clean & shining his Iguana..
We arrived at PTSB around 7.15pm (sharp before Maghrib)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Conquering the Tiger....

Don't get me wrong...we are not a tiger hunter what so ever nor going to catch one just 'tajuk'ma hehehehehe..

TIGER HILL - I don't know what exactly is the name of this hill...but i was told that this hill get her name because of the founding of a dead 'TIGER' at her "kaki bukit"by Pak Abu, Pak Ayob and Sumisan....its a really big tiger doll actually heheheh

Located just behind KTC 3..

So on 14th April 09...we are set to conquer the hill..

uphill..to water reservoir


Then..into the palm oil farm...a very tough climbing app 2km long..Pak Dan and my face already turn to blue (luckily not green..don't make me angry you won't like me when i'm angry ahakss) not much picture taken...letih a..

Pak Kot, Parman and Apiz still got some energy to continue climbing....for me..my favourite technique "nyorong" must be applied hahahahahah...Pak Dan and Pak Ayob also joined
(hmm..what a very famous technique anyway)

very relief to finally get on top of that hill...a very nice view up there...

there are some nice downhill part on this palm oil track...

and FINALY...Pak Kot got his "habuan" heheheh...i did not saw it clearly but its a flip for sure (really wonder why he used his foot on the handlebar hahahah)....the first question that we ask.... "Berdarah tak Weyy" cannot mention here why..some phobia problem hehehehe

after few minutes break..we off into some bushes with a very narrow track..rubber tapper path i think..a very chalenging route with lots of ground holes and "tunggul pokok" which can cause you some trouble...hmm nevermind it's only being cleared by Pak Abu and the gang last Friday..and this is the first time the track being used...maybe after 3 or 4 more rides it'll get better..really looking forward to watch 'Sumi' going downhill on this route..hehehehe highly potential to get "taya belakang naik kepala" one heheheheh

here's some pic...

then we have to..

meet Pak Abu at the top..

It's just 5-6km ride..but a very fun and chalenging route..suiteable for evening ride but at least two person required if you want to go there...quite scary...got ular sawa leee...